2010 – Prof.dr. Michael Braungart

Hoogewerff Lezing 2010

Prof.dr. Michael Braungart

De Hoogewerff Lezing 2010 werd gehouden door prof. dr. Michael Braungart. De lezing vond plaats op dinsdag 26 oktober 2010 tijdens het tiende Nederlandse Procestechnologie Symposium (NPS10) in het congrescentrum Koningshof te Veldhoven. Het thema van het lustrumsymposium NPS10 was “The Future of Process Technology – Process Technology of the Future”.

Een verslag van de Hoogewerff Lezing 2010 is opgenomen in het vakblad NPT Procestechnologie (nr. 4, november 2010, pg. 12-13).
For two decades, professor Michael Braungart has pioneered a system of product innovation known as Cradle to Cradle. He co-authored the book by the same name. After completing his studies in Process Engineering in Darmstadt, Germany, Michael Braungart went on to explore the chemical processes of industrial production techniques with the Chemistry Department at Konstanz, Germany. He subsequently spearheaded the formation of the Chemistry Section of Greenpeace International. By the time he completed his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Hannover in 1985, he had assumed leadership of Greenpeace Chemistry. In 1987, Michael Braungart founded the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) in Hamburg. He also serves as Scientific Manager of the Hamburg Environmental Institute. He is parttime professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and at the University of Twente.